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Carmel Boyer School of Business: Fostering Real-World Excellence in Business Education


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The Carmel Boyer School of Business at Baldwin Wallace University has a rich heritage deeply rooted in the tradition of business education. Its history dates back to the early 20th century when it was known as the School of Commerce. Over the years, it evolved and flourished, reaching prominence in the 1960s under the visionary leadership of Jacob O. Kamm. BW has consistently propelled the careers of numerous business leaders, many of whom now lead Fortune 500 companies in Northeast Ohio. This enduring impact reflects the core values of a Baldwin Wallace business education, characterized by integrity, purpose, and a steadfast commitment to inspiring leaders who excel in innovation, contribute to their communities and industries, and find deep personal fulfillment.

Distinctive Features of Baldwin Wallace University

Baldwin Wallace University offers a unique educational experience distinguished by several key factors that collectively contribute to its high quality. The faculty extends beyond traditional educators. These professors are industry experts, corporate executives, published scholars, and innovative thought leaders. They possess deep knowledge and, importantly, approachability, creating a supportive learning environment. Their real-world experience ensures that students receive guidance and insights that are academically rigorous and practically relevant, preparing them for success in their careers.

Another important aspect is Baldwin Wallace’s small class sizes, fostering personalized attention, meaningful interactions, and in-depth discussions. It enables students to actively engage with both professors and peers, creating an environment where learning is not passive but collaborative and dynamic.

Furthermore, the university’s commitment to applied learning sets it apart. Students do not merely acquire theoretical knowledge; they engage in hands-on, experience-based learning that mirrors real-world scenarios. This practical approach equips students with the skills and confidence to make an immediate impact in their chosen fields upon graduation.

BW’s finance and accounting education includes heavy utilization of the university’s Business and Research Center, which houses 14 dual-monitor terminals equipped with the Bloomberg Professional software platform, the industry standard for the financial sector. Students have full access to the same data and technologies used by business professionals to make real-world decisions and are required to attain Bloomberg Market Concepts certification, as well as basic Microsoft Excel certification.

Launching tomorrow’s Business Leaders

The Carmel Boyer School of Business offers many programs and courses tailored to meet the needs of students, professionals, and those aspiring to advance their careers in the ever-changing business world.

The school takes pride in its undergraduate programs, where students begin a journey of learning today to lead tomorrow. These bachelor’s degree programs are led by dedicated faculty members, guaranteeing a high-quality educational experience. The focus extends beyond theoretical knowledge, encompassing practical, real-world skills that distinguish graduates in the competitive job market. Beyond degrees, the school provides innovative projects, industry certifications, networking events, and professional mentors, positioning students for excellent initial jobs and long-term career growth and advancement.

Accounting students have the option of continuing their education for an additional year to earn the Master of Accountancy (MAcc) after completing their bachelor’s degree. The MAcc curriculum combines advanced accounting education and preparation for the Certified Professional Accountant (CPA) exam. One-to-one practicing, professional mentors help to guide MAcc and MBA students on their career paths.

Enhancing Student Engagement with Diverse Co-curricular Activities

The Carmel Boyer School of Business strongly emphasizes enhancing student engagement by providing a wide array of extracurricular activities right on campus. These activities play a pivotal role in fostering personal and professional growth among students, enriching their university experience.

Central to this engagement are the school’s student organizations, each crafted to offer unique opportunities for students. For example, the Investment Club manages a nearly $1 million fund, allowing students to make real investment decisions and oversee a substantial portfolio, providing invaluable insights into the world of finance and investments.

Accounting majors find their place in the Accounting Association, where they can connect and network with accounting professionals and deepen their knowledge of accounting principles and industry trends.

The school also provides leadership opportunities through the School of Business Student Advisory Group. These roles enable students to hone essential skills, collaborate closely with peers and faculty, and make meaningful contributions to the vibrant campus experience.

Susan Kuznik’s Journey at Baldwin Wallace University

Susan Kuznik, D.B.A., is the Dean of the Carmel Boyer School of Business. Her connection with the university began in 1985 when she joined as a part-time faculty member while simultaneously teaching at a state university. Upon her arrival, Susan swiftly recognized Baldwin Wallace’s strong commitment to delivering a high-quality education to students from diverse backgrounds.

Observing the institution’s dedication to tailoring individual paths to success for its students, Susan made a crucial decision that year: she committed herself wholeheartedly to Baldwin Wallace University. Her determination to continue providing a high-quality and personalized education became a driving force in her career.

In her current role as Dean, Susan Kuznik leads a team of dedicated faculty and staff who share her passion for maintaining Baldwin Wallace’s educational standards. Her contributions extend beyond academic leadership. She actively engages with stakeholders and alumni who deeply embrace the university’s mission and prioritize student success.

Susan’s journey from a part-time faculty member to the Dean of the Carmel Boyer School of Business exemplifies her enduring commitment to Baldwin Wallace. Her focus on engagement, professional development, and collaboration underscores her dedication to ensuring the university’s ongoing excellence in providing a transformative educational experience for its students.

Bridging Theory and Practice: BW’s Commitment to Finance Education

Baldwin Wallace University equips its students with practical knowledge and hands-on experiences to thrive in the competitive world of finance. This commitment to bridging the gap between theory and real-world application is evident through several key initiatives.

Internships play a pivotal role in this approach. The university actively assists students in securing internships with reputable organizations, allowing them to apply their classroom skills to real-world financial issues and acquire essential skills. An annual Meet the Accountants Night connects students to internships and future careers, building valuable industry networks.

The Accounting Advisory Board, representing accounting firms and business organizations, advises Baldwin Wallace on developing successful career paths for all accounting students and working to increase student opportunities by creating strategic partnerships.

Furthermore, the incorporation of applied projects into coursework challenges students to address real financial issues. They are encouraged to analyze data and provide recommendations based on their findings. This hands-on approach ensures that students are not passive learners of finance theory but active problem solvers.

These comprehensive efforts extend beyond resume-building; they are designed to instill practical skills and the confidence required for success in the competitive finance industry. Baldwin Wallace University recognizes that practical knowledge and real-world experience are invaluable assets in preparing students for the dynamic and demanding world of finance.

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Baldwin Wallace University is deeply committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity within its campus community. The institution acknowledges that diversity encompasses various dimensions, including perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds, extending beyond mere demographics.

The university actively champions diversity through cultural awareness programs, events, and workshops that celebrate different heritages, cultures, and traditions. These activities provide students valuable opportunities to engage with and learn from various perspectives, fostering a more inclusive campus environment.

Diversity and inclusion are also seamlessly woven into the university’s academic curriculum. Baldwin Wallace University ensures that students encounter a broad spectrum of perspectives in their studies, preparing them for a globalized world where diverse viewpoints hold immense value. Furthermore, the university is committed to building a diverse faculty and staff and enriching the learning environment by providing diverse role models and mentors for students.

Diverse Career Paths for Graduates

Baldwin Wallace University’s finance and accounting programs equip graduates with a versatile skill set that combines financial expertise, analytical acumen, and ethical sensibilities. This comprehensive education opens doors to many career opportunities, ensuring that students are well-prepared to succeed in the competitive and ever-evolving world of finance and related fields.

One prominent avenue is Investment Banking, where students thrive by managing complex financial transactions and providing valuable advisory services to clients, using the strong analytical skills and financial expertise instilled during their education.

Corporate Finance is another promising path. Graduates find opportunities in organizations where they oversee financial activities, including budgeting, financial planning, and strategic capital allocation.

Accountants play a critical role in the success of today’s businesses by offering insights and strategies that can lead to effective decision-making, policy development, and financial operations. Diverse career settings include auditor, tax specialist, forensic accountant, chief financial officer, and financial analyst. An Accounting Advisory Board, representing accounting firms and business organizations, advises Baldwin Wallace on developing successful career paths for all accounting students and working to increase opportunities for accounting students by creating strategic partnerships.

Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) is an excellent career path for those who like to make data-driven decisions. FP&A professionals focus on budgeting and forecasting, providing critical insights that support strategic decision-making.

Asset Management is a field that appeals to those with an eye for investment opportunities. Graduates take on roles managing investment portfolios, with the goal of optimizing returns while carefully managing risks.

Another option is Risk Management, which involves assessing and mitigating financial risks. Graduates in this sector play a significant role in assisting organizations in making prudent and informed decisions that safeguard their financial stability.

Graduates from Baldwin Wallace University also find rewarding careers in Financial Consulting, offering advisory services on various financial matters, from investment strategies to risk management and comprehensive financial planning for individuals and organizations.

Furthermore, graduates can explore roles in such diverse areas as Financial Analysis, Financial Regulation and Compliance, Real Estate Finance and Insurance, and Actuarial Science.

A Commitment to Lifelong Learning and Ethical Leadership

The Carmel Boyer School of Business aims to strengthen its connections with industry partners, providing students with enhanced internship and networking opportunities. By embracing emerging fields such as fintech and sustainable finance, Baldwin Wallace University seeks to equip its graduates with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate the evolving world of business.

In this dynamic environment, the university remains dedicated to providing a high-quality education that prepares students not only for immediate success but also for lifelong learning and adaptation. Baldwin Wallace University envisions a future where its finance and accounting programs continue to produce leaders, innovators, and ethical professionals who shape the financial industry and drive positive change in the world.

With a commitment to excellence and a forward-looking perspective, Baldwin Wallace University provides students the opportunity to confidently embark on a journey toward a promising and impactful career in accounting and finance.


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