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What is the cost of solar panels in India?

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Solar energy is increasing every day. So does the growth of solar panel is also increasing. Consumers are switching to solar energy due to high electricity bills and frequent power cuts. Demand for solar energy has inspired the solar sector to manufacture various solar products with the latest technology to generate more power and provide backup. So in this article, I am going to discuss the most common and frequent question, what is the cost of solar panel in India.

What are the advantages of installing solar panel?

Installing a solar panel has many advantages. Some advantages are mentioned here.

  • Reduces your electricity bills
  • Contribute to a sustainable environment
  • 24×7 power supply
  • Low maintenance
  • One-time investment
  • Long term savings

What is the price of solar panel in India?

The average price of single solar panel in India is between Rs. 1,050 to Rs. 20,000. But if you want to buy the solar panel on EMI, you must pay 20% downpayment. You need to pay it in installments.

Where to Buy?

To buy the best solar panel you must choose the top 10 solar panel manufacturer in India who can give you the best service. To buy solar panel at the best price and best quality, Loom Solar is the best option for you.

They are the No1. Solar Panel manufacturer. They will recommend you the best solar panel as per your requirement. I would recommend you should go for an engineer visit. They will guide you through the brief process of solar panel and solar installation. To book an engineer visit you can visit here.

What products are offered by Loom Solar?

Loom Solar offers various solar products like solar panel, solar battery or lithium battery and solar inverters as well as whole solar system solution for residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors.


I hope you find this helpful, and you got the answer to your question. To get the best quotation and the best solar panel you must contact the best solar panel manufacturer. They will guide you and give information on which solar panel you must go for installation, and which will be suitable for your needs.

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