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4 Case Studies Show How Subtle Use of Animated Ads can Skyrocket Sales

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Animated commercials are told to disrupt competition and convert prospects with minimal effort. They are told to be cost-effective and can work like a sales machine. We’ll know what sets them apart from other types of commercials. 

So, in this blog, we won’t just go in the why or science behind animated videos. We’ll just look at real case studies where investors were able to grab massive ROIs on their animated commercials. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

DropBox: Animated Video brings in 10 million Customers

DropBox as we know it was a struggling startup. Nothing seemed to work for the File hosting service as they failed miserably with every facet of Paid Media. 

AdWords was a disaster as the company paid 233-288 USD to acquire one customer who would pay $99 for a product and eventually bid a heart-breaking goodbye. Cost of acquisition was super-high and they were going nowhere with affiliates and other advertising. 

Until the marketing did an experiment that turned out to be the biggest success for the company. It was an animated commercial, which was fine-tuned into an explainer informing about what the actual product was. 

An animated Demo video was an overnight success – a rare event in the current marketing landscape. As per the CEO, this animated commercial attracted an astounding number of visitors. The excitement blew off the roof. 

Average visitors shot from 5000 to 75000. And, the demo video added a jaw-dropping figure of 48 million to the revenue. 

The animated idea was something that was truly out of the box. The explainer video costed even less than $50000 and brought an ROI of the grandest magnitude. Something they could have only dreamt of. 

The product as we know it became viral because of that animated ad. It not only conveyed the message with ease, but made it so memorable that the brand added a gigantic number of 10 million customers. 

That’s just one case-study of how an animated commercial turned things upside down for a brand that was not really in the picture.

Brace yourself for three more case studies.

Key Takeaway:

If you can’t create seriously good animated videos by yourself, make sure to opt a for a video animation company that can deliver for you!

CrazyEgg: Animated Commercial Added $21000 of per month revenue

The story of CrazyEgg is no different from DropBox. However, this time the tool was itself a bit more technical. CrazyEgg is known as the best web app that would allow you to see the activity of web visitors. It will show a real heat map with highlighted areas of clicks from all users. 

Sounds like an exciting product, right? Well, as excellent as the product was, it is important to highlight that it wasn’t known. The brand’s founder, Neil Patel sought an investment on an animated commercial video. 

Since the objective was to get the word out for the brand, the animated ad took the style of an explainer. It had a run time of 158 seconds, which is slightly longer for an explainer ad. 

As a results, Crazy Egg saw its conversion rise up by 67%. Neil Patel also revealed that the animated commercial used by the brand also added a whopping 21000 USD per month in recurring revenue. 

Rank watch: Animated Video boosts Conversion by 27%

The story of Rank Watch is no different from the above-mentioned brands. Just like most SaaS tools, Rank Watch too was struggling to get the word out for its brand. It was evident that Rank Watch too was not as effective as it should be with written form of content. 

There was some ambiguity between the prospects and the intended message, that just didn’t connect with the prospects, and they were reluctant to show any interest in the product. 

To alleviate the crises, the marketing team of Rank Watch saw an animated explainer as a useful tool to boost awareness and swoop in conversions. 

And, interestingly, the Rank Watch’s animated commercial didn’t disappoint. In fact, it turned out to be an enormous success, drawing in 27% more Free Trail subscriptions, which also impacted the overall sales in a positive manner. 

JellyFish: Animated Explainer adds a massive $800000 deal in just a week’s time

Our last case study makes up for a really fine entry of animated commercial that actually brought sales for a business. JellyFish had this cold calling approach to tap leads, and nurture them slowly so they might end up getting closed. 

Overall conversions were stagnant, and the success rate of cold calls as always was nearly 1-3%. However, little did the marketing team knew at that time that an animated ad would turn things upside down for them overnight. 

They got an explainer video and sent it to their clients. And, surprisingly just before the salesperson was about to send a follow-up email, he received an email from the client, who had just watched their explainer video. He invited JellyFish for a meeting, and was closed immediately. 

It turned out to be massive success as the valued of the deal amassed to $800000 USD. It all happened in just seven days after sending the animated explainer to the prospect, who thereafter was just ready to convert without hearing further word. 

If you too are unsure of your current Integrated marketing communications (IMC), consider using an animated commercial. If you’re unsure of where to start, here’s a list of the best commercials of all time. These are sure to fill your mind with inspiration. 

Wrap up

Let’s wrap this one up. Above we gave you four thorough case studies of brands who actually saw increase in conversion because of using animated commercials in the marketing campaign. Not only were they able to get the message across in an impactful way, but the founders and the marketing teams of these respective brands have admitted that animated commercials are indeed powerful, and have also directly attributed increase in conversion to creation of animated media assets. If you’re budding SaaS marketer, and want to see your product go viral in no time, you should also give a thought to creating animated ads to market your product. 

Hope you got a nugget or two from this one.

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