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10 Best Comic Books For Adventure And Action Lovers

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Are you a comic book enthusiast who loves action and adventure comics? Or are you simply a curious reader exploring the world of graphic novels? If yes, then look no further, as we are going to help you choose the best comic books that suit your taste.

We will tell you about the 10 best comic books that have lots of adventure and action. We will provide you with information on what prompted the author to write the comic, a short synopsis, and much more. So let’s begin!

1. Attack on Titan

  • Author: Hajime Isayama
  • Year of Publication: 2009
  • Number of Volumes: 33 Volumes
  • Genre: Adventure, Fiction, Gore, Action, Dark Fantasy, Apocalypse
  • Ratings: 4.9/5

Attack on Titan is the best comic book for adventure and action lovers. The writer, Isayama, got the idea from a scary encounter with a drunk man. He felt the fear of not being able to communicate with him. He used the Titans to represent this fear. The anime producer said that the comic also reflects the isolation of Japanese culture. He said that the main theme is the inner feelings of each person. Isayama also got some inspiration from a visual novel called Muv-Luv Alternative.

The comic has a captivating plot that starts with a bang. In the first chapter, we see giant humanoids called Titans destroying Paradise Island. Later, we find out that someone is controlling them. The comic is full of suspense and mystery. Every time you think you know the answer, more questions pop up. You can’t wait to read the next volume. The characters are very realistic and relatable. You feel for them as they face danger and death. The comic also explores themes like parenting, corruption, death, insanity, and hopelessness. The artwork is amazing and matches the dark mood of the story. The comic is unpredictable and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

2. Batman (DC)

  • Author: Bob Kane, Bill Finger
  • Year of Publication: 1939
  • Number of Volumes: 934 issues
  • Genre: Adventure, Action, Comedy, Mystery, Horror, Psychological Thriller
  • Ratings: 4.8/5

Batman (DC) is one of the best comic books for adventure and action lovers. The writers drew inspiration from many characters. For instance, Sherlock Holmes inspired Batman’s detective skills and disguises. Dracula inspired his cape and mask. Catwoman was inspired by Irma Vep, a thief in a catsuit. Other characters like Tarzan, Zorro, The Bat, and The Shadow also influenced Batman’s creation.

The comic tells the story of Bruce Wayne, who witnessed his parents’ murder as a child. He trained himself in various skills, such as martial arts, espionage, science, and hunting. Bruce has no superpowers, only his intelligence, strength, and will. He is a realistic and flawed hero, who tries to save the world from evil. He faces many well-crafted villains, such as the Joker. The artwork is simple but effective, matching the dark mood of the story. The comic is full of suspense, mystery, and action. It appeals to comic book lovers and kids/parents alike.

3. Naruto

  • Author: Masashi Kishimoto
  • Year of Publication: 1999
  • Number of Volumes: 72
  • Genre: Adventure, Action, Slice of life, Romance
  • Ratings: 4.8 /5

Naruto is one of the best comic books for adventure and action lovers. The writer, Kishimoto, loved comics as a child. He was inspired by a film poster of Akira. He wanted to create his style of comics. In addition to that, he also read Blade of the Immortal and learned from its techniques. He used other shōnen comics as references but made his characters unique. For example, Goku from Dragon Ball Z. He also got ideas from The Matrix, Takeshi Kitano, Quentin Tarantino, Michael Bay, and Jackie Chan.

4. The Adventures of Tintin

  • Author: Hergé, a.k.a Georges Prosper Remi
  • Year of Publication: 1984
  • Number of Volumes: 8
  • Genre: Adventure, Action, Comedy, Mystery, and Horror
  • Ratings: 4.7/5

Here is what Hergé said when he wrote the comic The Adventures of Tintin: “The idea for the character of Tintin and the sort of adventures that would befall him came to me, I believe, in five minutes, the moment I first made a sketch of the figure of this hero; that is to say, he had not haunted my youth nor even my dreams. Although it’s possible that as a child I imagined myself in the role of a sort of Tintin,”

Hergé did a great job researching his illustrations. However, they made just enough design and detail simplifications to make the work appealing to younger readers. One of the most realistically made characters was Tintin. The comedy was incredibly instructive and enjoyable for people of all ages. Also, Tintin was the only comic book series to employ humor as the central theme throughout all of its stories. Even the bad guys had such wonderful humor. His extensive travels and ability to assume various avatars made him well-known throughout the world. In addition to being a comic book, Tintin books were regarded as a viable alternative to other books, board games, toys, and other items.

5. Hawkman (DC)

  • Author: Gardner Fox, Dennis Neville
  • Year of Publication: 1940
  • Number of Volumes: 5
  • Genre: Superhero, Adventure, Action
  • Ratings: 4.7/5

Hawkman (DC) is one of the best comic books for adventure and action lovers. Also The writer, Robert Venditti, created a fascinating character with a rich history. Hawkman has been a hero since World War II. He has wings, a bird helmet, and ancient weapons. Hawkman has two origins: an alien cop and a cursed Egyptian. He can switch between them. Moreover,  is a fearless warrior and a loyal friend.

Hawkman is popular for many reasons. He has a strong sense of justice and a unique worldview. Hawkman is a reincarnated Egyptian prince who was killed by a priest. He is very powerful and smart. Additionally, Hawkman can fly fast, plan well, and use a mace. He is a key member of the Justice League. He also has a romantic relationship with Hawkgirl. Also, he appeals to both adults and children. His character design is amazing and fits his personality.

6. One Piece

  • Author: Eiichiro Oda
  • Year of Publication: 1999
  • Number of Volumes: 106
  • Genre: Adventure, Action, Comedy, Fantasy
  • Ratings: 4.7/5

One Piece is one of the best comic books for adventure and action lovers. The writer, Oda, was fascinated by pirates as a child. He watched a cartoon called Vicky the Viking. He also read biographies of real pirates. Oda gave his character traits from them. Interestingly, he was influenced by other comics, such as Dragon Ball by Akira Toriyama. He also liked The Wizard of Oz. He wanted to write a story where the goal was more important than the journey.

One Piece is very popular in Japan and the world. It has a simple plot at first. Luffy wants to be the King of the Pirates. He needs a crew for that. But the plot becomes more complex later. Oda introduces the World Government, the Seven Warlords, the Yonkos, and more. He pays attention to every detail. He foreshadows future events. Moreover, he deals with serious and heavy issues, like slavery, human trafficking, government corruption, LGBTQ, and more. He makes the art style more realistic over time. He makes the readers laugh and cry with his characters and their ambitions.

7. Spider-Man (Marvel)

  • Author: Stan Lee, Steve Ditko
  • Year of Publication: 1962
  • Number of Volumes: 22
  • Genre: Adventure, Action, Suspense, Science Fiction
  • Ratings: 4.7 /5

Spider-Man is one of the best comic books for adventure and action lovers. The writer, Lee, wanted to create a character that teens could relate to. He was inspired by a spider on a wall. Lee named him Spider-Man, not Spider-Boy, to make him grow with the series. Also, He got the approval of Goodman, and Spider-Man was born. The comic is a marvel by Marvel.

Spider-Man is popular because he is always moral, no matter what. He risks his life to help others. Also, he feels responsible for his actions. He regrets his mistakes and he never breaks his promise. Subsequently, he does not get much recognition, but he keeps fighting. Moreover, the Spider-Man is not a perfect hero, but he is a brave and selfless hero.

Surprisingly, he has amazing powers, such as super strength, agility, and web-shooting. He faces many dangerous villains, such as the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, and Venom. Even though he also has a personal life, with friends, family, and love interests he struggles to balance his superhero and civilian identities. He is a relatable and realistic character. He makes the readers laugh and cry with his humor and emotions.

8. The Incredible Hulk (Marvel)

  • Author: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby
  • Year of Publication: 1962
  • Number of Volumes: 535+
  • Genre: Adventure, Action, Science Fiction
  • Ratings: 4.7 /5

The Incredible Hulk is a comic book that follows the adventures of a scientist who becomes a green giant when he is angry. He was created by Stan Lee, who took inspiration from Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyll, and Mr. Hyde. The Hulk changes his appearance and personality depending on his mood and situation. He is one of the best comic books for adventure and action lovers because he is unlike other superheroes.

Hulk does not have a noble cause or a secret identity; he just wants to be left alone. In addition to his personality, Hulk has many foes, such as aliens, monsters, and the military. He also has incredible power, which increases with his anger.

Sometimes, he can save the world, but sometimes, he can destroy it. He is a complicated and intriguing character, who attracts many fans. If you are looking for a comic book that is full of excitement, drama, and emotion, you should check out The Incredible Hulk. You will not be disappointed by this amazing story.

9. Indiana Jones Adventures

  • Author: George Lucas
  • Year of Publication: 1981-2010
  • Number of Volumes: 34
  • Genre: Adventure, Action
  • Ratings: 4.6/5

Indiana Jones Adventures is a comic book that follows the exploits of a daring archaeologist who travels the world in search of ancient treasures and mysteries. Also, The character was created by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, who were inspired by old adventure stories and movies. One of them was King Solomon’s Mines, featuring Allan Quatermain, a big game hunter and safari guide. When they discussed their project in Hawaii, Spielberg wanted to make something like a James Bond movie. Lucas said he had something “even better” or that he “got that beat.”

Indiana Jones Adventures is one of the best comic books for adventure and action lovers because it shows a thrilling and intriguing life. The readers can enjoy the excitement and rush of visiting far-off places, finding wealth in ancient temples, saving women in need, fighting evil forces, and saving the planet. Also, the readers can learn about archeology and the occult, as Indiana Jones is an expert and an “obtainer of rare antiquities.” The readers can also admire his intelligence, courage, and humor, as well as his design. The readers can also relate to his human side, as he sometimes gets injured or loses, but never gives up.

10. Asterix

  • Author: René Goscinny
  • Year of Publication: 1959
  • Number of Volumes: 39
  • Genre: Adventure, Action, Comedy, Fantasy
  • Ratings: 4.2 /5

Asterix is a comic book that follows the adventures of a brave Gaul who lives in a small village that resists the Roman occupation. Moreover, The character was created by Goscinny, who was inspired by his own experience as a foreigner and his interest in history and culture. Asterix is a hero who loves his people and his freedom. He is one of the best comic books for adventure and action lovers because he goes on many quests and challenges, such as fighting the Romans, traveling to different lands, meeting new friends, and discovering magic potions.

Asterix also has a lot of humor and wit, as well as a loyal sidekick, Obelix. He is a popular and beloved character, especially in France, where he represents the French spirit and identity. Additionally, he has been translated into more than 100 languages and sold more than 375 million copies worldwide. He also has a theme park and a satellite named after him.


In conclusion, these are the 10 best comic books for those who love adventure and action. These comics have been loved by people globally because of their unique and hooking plots. People have also appreciated the characters and their designs, as they somehow felt relatable. This appreciation was to such an extent that people have gone on to cosplay these characters, and many claim to have incorporated some of their favorite character traits. However, the biggest credit goes to the genius authors who got inspired by their surroundings and penned such beautiful stories. We hope that you enjoyed reading this blog and found comics that suit your tastes.

Sushmita Nibandhe

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