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Gap Year: Tips to Make Some Money while Travelling in Asia

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If you’d like to develop as a person, then heading out to see the world is a worthwhile thing to do. By exposing yourself to different cultures, you’ll broaden your perspective on life and its many challenges – what’s more, you might have fun at the same time.

Given all this, it might be no surprise that a tour of the Far East is a popular way for young people to spend a gap year.

To get the best from the experience, it’s a good idea to earn money along the way. If you’re able to do this, then you’ll make even a longer tour feasible. Certain parts of the region are more expensive than others, and require more stringent planning. If you’re looking at a trip to Japan, for example, the merits of a side hustle become more compelling.

But exactly how can you earn money while you’re on the move in Asia? Let’s take a look at some reliable methods.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

If you’re a native English speaker, then you have a natural advantage. English skills are in high demand in this part of the world, and if you can teach the language in local schools, you’ll be able to earn a considerable amount. All that’s required is that you take a TEFL (that’s Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course. This will demonstrate to would-be employers that you can not only speak English, but teach it, too.


If you know how to write, then you might start a travel blog and document your experience. If you’re good at it, then you might build up traffic, which you can then monetise.

It’s worth bearing in mind that this can be a long, gruelling process. There are no guarantees, and you won’t be able to rely on your income until you’ve put in the groundwork and built a reputation.

Digital Nomad

There are countless jobs that can now be done remotely. If you already have one of these jobs, then you might seek to travel while doing it. Whether you’re creating 3d models, or building web applications, or writing a novel, you’ll be able to do the work from whichever part of the world you find yourself staying in.


Working on a plane, whether it’s as part of the cabin crew or as a pilot, will allow you to travel to distant parts of the world – including Asia. You might not have quite the same degree of freedom that digital freelance work will provide, but you will get the chance to come to Asia, often without having to pay for the flight – which, lest we forget, will be amongst your most significant costs.

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