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Her Campus Media and College Fashionista Encourage, Inspire and Celebrate Women Online Presence

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4,000+ millennial and Gen Z influencers are set to bolster college women education, training, and skill-building

The wave of women-centric programs or events that helps them being united and empowered is becoming larger and inspirational flooding all over the internet. The online presence of motivated companies working for women’s rights and desires such as lifestyle, education, and career are popping out every day. Taking a good lead for the same, Her Campus Media, the #1 media brand for college women announced that it has acquired College Fashionista, a leading college-focused media company.

The platforms empowering college women with style  

Her Campus as a 360-degree college marketing agency promises to further strengthen its reach and ownership of the college women audience, as it will be maintaining College Fashionista as its own property and brand under the Her Campus Media parent company.

College Fashionista has a mission of sharing thousands of college-aged fashion and beauty influencers’ insights helping young women to gain the skills and experience they need while in school to launch their careers.

Stephanie Kaplan Lewis, Her Campus Media’s Co-founder & CEO, said, “We’re thrilled to be bringing College Fashionista into the Her Campus Media family so we can continue to serve and support college women and equip them to own their futures and live out their ambitions.”

The acquisition for entangled Gen Z demographic

Written entirely by the world’s top college journalists, Her Campus is now the #1 media site for college women. Proud to be everywhere with 4,000 millennial influencers increasing online presence, Her Campus with the acquisition aims;

  • to significantly expand its social, digital and marketing capabilities while enabling College Fashionista to benefit from Her Campus’s expertise in the content, community building, and college marketing spaces.
  • the acquisition of College Fashionista emphasizes Her Campus’s strategic focus on expanding its ownership of the college audience and the media brands that serve this demographic.

Under the acquisition, College Fashionista Founder, Amy Levin Klein will be staying on to consult. In addition, Executive Director, Melissa Levin will support Her Campus Media fulltime as its VP, Business Strategy and Legal Affairs to help oversee the online presence of the entire brand portfolio strategy and business operations.

Moreover, earlier in May 2019, Her Campus acquired the Lala Media Group, Inc., a millennial women’s media company that it rebranded as Her20s. The company also recently launched vertical-specific accounts in the decor, food, beauty, and style spaces, and expanded its Her Conference® franchise to New York City and Los Angeles.



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