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Istation Introduces a Dyslexia Friendly Literacy Screening Tool for Students

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Approved by Washington State Dyslexia Advisory Council, Istation provides assessments based on individual needs

Scientists estimate that between 5 to 12 percent of children in the United States suffer from dyslexia, (a mental disability which brings difficulty to people in reading and writing). To deal with dyslexia, some technologies have been divisive only to create a clear room in this competitive world. For example, Comic Sans typography helps dyslexia patients to read and type clearly.

A leader in educational technology, Istation treats dyslexia more vividly- sees it as great in itself. Istation (Imagination Station) has been approved by the state of Washington to assess and identify dyslexia and other learning difficulties for early-screening purposes. The company has joined a vetted list of academic screeners throughout Texas, the U.S.

Istation’s dyslexia-screening technology

Dr. Joseph Torgesen, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus at Florida State University, as part of Istation’s team has developed a tool that provides reliable, continuous assessments and is credited with being an important aid to help identify students at risk of dyslexia early in their academic careers.

Istation’s Chief Operating Officer, Ossa Fisher, comments, “In addition, because Istation is adaptive, it adjusts the subtests based on performance, so those students in need receive the subtests more relevant to their areas of need.”

Istation’s assessments for students comply with the state of Washington’s recently enacted legislation on dyslexia screening requirements. Istation deals with dyslexia and other academic difficulties with a well-established methodology within its assessments, Istation’s Indicators of Progress (ISIP™).

What ISIP represents?

  • Dyslexia friendly ISIP objectives are divided into eight animated subtests which help students to address components crucial to long-term success in reading.
  • Both students that are at-risk and those not at-risk (according to reading ability) could respond to a series of interactive tasks and curriculums that have been shown to correlate highly with measures of comprehension.
  • ISIP covers key target areas include phonemic awareness, letter knowledge, alphabetic decoding, spelling, text fluency, vocabulary, listening comprehension, and oral reading fluency.
  • Also, teachers can apply timely and specific ISIP error analysis data to create prescriptive for target student interventions. Further, they can help guide with instructions based on individual needs.

Istation’s assessments based on individual needs can audit the status of an entire classroom in approximately 30 minutes. And the extra time can be saved to allow instructors to address students who need extra attention in order to meet grade-level reading expectations.

Istation serves over 8,900 campuses in a total of seven countries, including the United States. Six different departments of education have implemented Istation software statewide: Florida, Kansas, Texas, Idaho, Arkansas and New Mexico.



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